The current economic situation is an opportunity for businesses to become more efficient by controlling costs, improving internal processes and interactions with vendors, suppliers and customers.

The problem is to do so in a cost effective manner that has an immediate payback. The results have to show up in days or weeks, not months or years.

IDS has been developing focused, web based applications since 1994. Our forte is rapid application development. Timelines run days, not weeks or months. Customers are intimately involved in the design/ feedback process.

IDS provides a total solution: development, hosting, and customer support. No need to use internal resources. No upfront capital expense. No long term commitment.

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Recent Applications/Projects

Account Reconcilliation

Reconcilliation Exfreight ( wanted an automated invoice/bill/cost reconcilliation system. Taking invoices received from the vendors, comparing them automatically against expected costs and checking for variances.

Yahoo Store/Big Commerce and Drop Ship Integration

Drop Ship Screws4u ( and Modern Tool Supply ( wanted an backend for integrating their store front end with a order breakdown and automated ordering to drop shippers.

Complex Quoting and Order System

Quoting Bulk Sak, Inc. ( wanted an backend for automated quoting of custom saks. The sales person enters all the paramters, the system calculates all material amounts and costs and outputs a quote and plant production order. System includes a perpetual inventory component.

Food Inspection System

Food Inspection Globofruit ( wanted an backend for managing worldwide fruit and vegetable inspections. Customers request inspections, inspectors are assigned and all sample data, attachments and images are managed by the system.

Event Registration System

Event Registration wanted an complete front and backend for the managing event/class postings and registrations, including payment gateway, class attendance and search.

EDI Data Merge

EDI A large logistic company wanted an automated system to match their internal invoice system with EDI invoices. System merges data from multiple external sources, creates new EDI messages and sends them out.

IPAD Shopping System

IPAD Shopping Nfinity Athletic Corporation ( wanted an IPAD based ordering system that they could take to events and have team members order shoes and apparel.

Repair Management System

Warranty Repairs Warranty Insiders ( wanted IDS to take over and enhance a php based warranty repair system.

RFP Managment and Reporting

RFP Managment Alliance Cost Containment ( wanted a system to create and manage the RFP process.

Freight Shipping System

Shipping System Exfreight Zeta ( wanted a system so their customers could ship and track freight. The system generates rate quotes for Air, Ocean, LTL, FCL and Courier shipments, creates the shipments and documents and transmits the data to the appropriate vendors.

Vendor/Purchase Order Management

Vendor Management Ashley Lighting ( working through Mainfreight SFO wanted a way for their vendors in the Far East to provide timely information about orders and deliveries.

Catalog Conversion

Catalog Conversion SAMS Customer Catalog Service ( wanted a cost effective way of converting their customer's distibutor printed catalogs into a flash flip book with online viewing. Included are ToC, Index and options for shopping lists and orders.

Store Installation/Order Management

Store Installation PRN ( wanted to track the installation of their video systems nationwide in stores like Wal-Mart. Installers and customer support have remote access to provide timely progress reports and part replacement ordering.


Dashboards DVDPlay ( wanted a series of dashboards to monitor the complex operational status of their DVD rental kiosks in supermarkets throughout the United States. Data from Remedy, logistic companies and internal data sources are merged to provide a global view of their operations.